Tiki Drinks
Zombie 13

Donn the Beachcomber circa 1934. Blend of 3 rums, juices,secret ingredients and absinthe. for your safety we recommend only 2!

Pain Killer 12

A traditional way to kill the pain! Pussers Rum, pineapple, orange, and coconut shaken to
perfection with a nutmeg sprinkle.

Poni Polu Mojito 10

Our color changing mojito made with Don Q Cristal, fresh mint, and Tiki God Magic

Dirty Louie’s
Bathwater 10

Louie’s favorite! Rumhaven, banana puree, lime juice,
blue curacao, and pineapple juice.

Lemi Pie Martini 10

Don Q Limon, fresh
lime juice, whipped
cream vodka &
coconut cream.

Niu Colada 10

The original pina colada made with Don Q Gold, coconut, and pineapple.

Ube Pie 12

A celebration of sweet with cinnamon infused Don Q, Ube, agave, macadamia, and white chocolatec

Mai Tai 12

Trader Vic circa 1944. Blend of Don Q Reserva, fresh lime juice, orgeat, dry curacao and a Blackwell float

Saturn 12

Out of this world flavor! Fy gin, fresh lemon juice, passionfruit, orgeat, and falernum.

Mango Coco Daquiri 10

Not your every day daquiri! Rumhaven Coconut, gold rum, lime juice, mango puree

Eye of Kanaloa 13

Hussong’s Repo Tequila, Cointreau, fresh lime juice, and the god of the seas offerings create our black margarita.

Hapuna Punch 12

perfected by Brett C.
A blend of rums Don Q himself would appreciate. A nod to the classic POG on the islands featuring passion, orange, and guava.

Elixir 10

This potion of life is a
concoction of Don Q
Passion, peach puree,
pandan, lime juice,
and pineapple juice.

Mana Kope 13

crafted by Alyx G. 2023 Caffeine meets Tiki! Don Q Cristal, cold brew, white chocolate, and coffee liquor.

Ocean Wave 13

Ask your bartender about our seasonal ocean vodka cocktail!

Tiki Twist 12

Your choice of Don Q Passion, Limon, Pina, Coco, or Cristal in a tiki twist float.
Add a 151 floater $2+

Ku’s Wrath 12

A little bit of heat from the God of war -Maestro dobel, pomegranite jalapeño simple, lime juice & cointreau.

Pick Your
Poison 13

Careful who you choose! Featuring Bar Tiki blended rum and your bartenders choice of mixes!
keep the mug $30

He ming way 12

perfected by Rachel D. 2023 Classic daquiri with a Bar Tiki twist! Flavors of cinnamon, grapefruit, honey, lime, and black walnut bitters.

Kewonu 13

Our rum old fashioned made with a pairing of Brugal 1888 Rum, plum bitters, and “D’s Secret Simple”. Don’t ask, because we won’t tell.

Nui Nui 13

A victorious celebration of Don Q rums, allspice dram, cinnamon, orange, and vanilla

Shots 5

Guri Guri • Tiki Torch
‘Oma‘oma’o ‘awa‘awa

- Sharables -
House Volcano Bowl 75

Bar Tiki’s signature volcano bowl is 48oz of pure tiki wonder featuring Don Q Reserva, Gold, 151, and a few other secret ingredients. best enjoyed with friends! serves 6+

Gula Nene 20

crafted by Sierra K. 2023
Cinnamon infused Don Q, honey, vanilla, and fresh lime juice

Big Kahuna Colada 25

the ultimate pina colada choice of Don Q flavored rum

Blue Krisp 20

crafted by Krizia L. 2023
Don Q Limon, blue curacao, blueberry puree, pineapple juice,
lime juice

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